Monday, 16 May 2011

Skirt is finished!!!!

well it's finally done!!! I still can't quite believe that i have managed to make myself a skirt and it fits!! I'm really proud of myself.
Google became my best friend while doing the waist band for the skirt! so many things for my to learn still!!! It really only took me 2 nights to finish it, i did the cutting out and stitched the main panels together one night and then last night did the waistband.
Have also made a few other bits and pieces over the last few days;
- finished mum in laws shawl
- made some placemats and coasters for nana's birthday ( not till July, how organised am i!)
- fabric washable lunchbags, pic coming up fopr these.
This is made from a wonderful pattern that i bought from i still need to add some poppers to this one though. Next planning to make some reusable sandwich wraps to go with these.
Well i would like to get a few bits done this week as my darling hubby is in the USA until next monday night ( lucky bum, i just keep thinking about al lthe wonderful fabric i would have been able to buy if i was with him!) tonight i think i may make some needle books, easy and quick to make!
night all

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

ARRRRGGGHHH I've started my skirt!!!

well there is no going back now, tonight i have cut out all the pieces for my skirt ( well not the interfacing best buy some of that tomorrow!) and done the first google of many to find out what something meant! stay stitching it seems is quiet easy but VERY important! well best go put my new found info to use.
Pics will follow, maybe tomorrow!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Turning 30!!!

Well it's been a busy few weeks with it being easter school holidays and having my little girl home but mostly fun. we spent a few days visiting my mom in Caerphilly, Wales and the weather was amazing so we had a fab time spending many hours outside and the kids not going to be till 9pm every night!
Today was also my 30th birthday and i have been spoilt rotten, from hubby i have received a hot air balloon flight booked for next weekend and tickets to go see Roxette live at Wembly in Nov, might be a while off but i am so excited, they are my all time fav group! the kids got me a new watch and the adele album. Also got a giant space hopper, hobby craft vouchers some cash and few other bits and bobs! Totally spoilt!
But with all the excitement i haven't really had much chance to do much crafting :( While at my moms i made a start on Jake's birthday presents and have made me a indian headband:
and here's the little monkey trying it on ( the joy of him being little is he won't remember when i give it to him in August!)
Now i just need to make all the other pretend play bits that i want to make him, the hobby horse pattern is on order !
then tonight i have just quickly made a little coin purse which i quite like actually and if my kids didn't already have about 3 each i may have made them each one! To be fair could really be made into any size for use as a pencil case, make up bag, wet bag if made from PUL, possiblities are endless!
well that's the back! and this is the front :
Right well i best get off to bed now, back to normal tomorrow school run and all the rest!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hello Again

Ah well it's over a month since i attempted to start blogging but i never seem to get round to it! So i have decided i will set days to start with, so starting from now i will be blogging on a sunday and wed/thurs depending on what crafting i have been getting up to.

I have actually done loads of things during the past month, maybe that's why i haven't been on here to busy making! Let see what have i made;

- Curtains for Jake's room

- Beanbag for Jake's room ( it turned out a little larger than it should have done!)

- Handbag from my Cath Kidston book

- Coin Purse ( just made that tonight)

- Altered a single duvet into a cotbed size one for jake

- used leftover from single duvet to make a cushion cover for Jake

- Sunhat for Jake

Oops seems i have made rather a lot for Jake best make Emily something over the next 2 weeks while she is on easter holidays! as well as all of that i have also made quite a bit of bunting for orders. Have got 2 doorstops and 3 colours and shapes bean bag sets to make over the next 2 weeks too. think i may be a bit busy!

Now shall we see if i can work out how to add some photo's?

well it seems i can! they feel a bit higgldy piggldy though!

Other exciting news this week wast the deleivery of my fabric labels!!!!!! I feel ever so pro now!

Right well i had best stop there for tonight and see what i can get done this week. See you wed or thurs night again!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Today's the day!

i have been thinking about setting up a blog for ages now and then i remembered that i had actually started it months ago, started as in registered on blogger! So today is the day i begin properly. who knows how long it will take for me to work it all out but i'll get there. How do people find out about your blog??? What will i write about ??? I'll probably write about my adventures in sewing and craft and probably throw in a bit of everyday life just for fun.

i already have 2 'stories' that i would like to record and a third in the making so best work this out quickly!

that's it for now