Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hello Again

Ah well it's over a month since i attempted to start blogging but i never seem to get round to it! So i have decided i will set days to start with, so starting from now i will be blogging on a sunday and wed/thurs depending on what crafting i have been getting up to.

I have actually done loads of things during the past month, maybe that's why i haven't been on here to busy making! Let see what have i made;

- Curtains for Jake's room

- Beanbag for Jake's room ( it turned out a little larger than it should have done!)

- Handbag from my Cath Kidston book

- Coin Purse ( just made that tonight)

- Altered a single duvet into a cotbed size one for jake

- used leftover from single duvet to make a cushion cover for Jake

- Sunhat for Jake

Oops seems i have made rather a lot for Jake best make Emily something over the next 2 weeks while she is on easter holidays! as well as all of that i have also made quite a bit of bunting for orders. Have got 2 doorstops and 3 colours and shapes bean bag sets to make over the next 2 weeks too. think i may be a bit busy!

Now shall we see if i can work out how to add some photo's?

well it seems i can! they feel a bit higgldy piggldy though!

Other exciting news this week wast the deleivery of my fabric labels!!!!!! I feel ever so pro now!

Right well i had best stop there for tonight and see what i can get done this week. See you wed or thurs night again!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, your bean bag is awesome!