Monday, 16 May 2011

Skirt is finished!!!!

well it's finally done!!! I still can't quite believe that i have managed to make myself a skirt and it fits!! I'm really proud of myself.
Google became my best friend while doing the waist band for the skirt! so many things for my to learn still!!! It really only took me 2 nights to finish it, i did the cutting out and stitched the main panels together one night and then last night did the waistband.
Have also made a few other bits and pieces over the last few days;
- finished mum in laws shawl
- made some placemats and coasters for nana's birthday ( not till July, how organised am i!)
- fabric washable lunchbags, pic coming up fopr these.
This is made from a wonderful pattern that i bought from i still need to add some poppers to this one though. Next planning to make some reusable sandwich wraps to go with these.
Well i would like to get a few bits done this week as my darling hubby is in the USA until next monday night ( lucky bum, i just keep thinking about al lthe wonderful fabric i would have been able to buy if i was with him!) tonight i think i may make some needle books, easy and quick to make!
night all

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Ditzy and Dotty said...

Well done for finishing your skirt - its lovely. I love the bag you've made from my pattern too. A very productive week from you.